Banana Kush


Monkey Banana is a feminized hybrid of two famously fruity varieties of US origin; Banana Kush X OG Banana. It’s a mostly Indica strain developed by Paisa Grow Seeds to create a plant with an intensely fruity aroma and a high THC content.

Compact in growth and with prolific side branching, Monkey Banana is a plant that is easy to grow, with low nutrient requirements. It flowers in 50 to 55 days, delivering generous harvests of hard and very compact nugs that are caked in resin.

In addition to its very special and pungent odor, one of the characteristics of Monkey Banana is its excellent calyx/leaf ratio and the enormous quantity of trichomes that it produces, much to the delight of hash makers and cannabis extractors, this variety is highly recommended for all kinds of cannabis concentrates.

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A great choice for growers searching for great flavor and potent high. Its fruity and powerful aroma combines banana and other tropical fruits, while its effect when consumed is relaxing and balanced, both physical and cerebral.

Paisa Grow Seeds Monkey Banana info:

  • Sex: Feminised
  • Genetics: Banana Kush x OG Banana
  • THC: 26%
  • Yield: High
  • Indoor flowering: 50-55 days

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